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Punjab Police Solve Ludhiana’s Rs 8.49 Crore Heist; 6 Arrested and Rs 5 Crore Recovered

In a significant breakthrough, Punjab Police swiftly cracked the case of Ludhiana’s biggest heist, involving the looting of Rs 8.49 crore from a CMS cash van. 

The incident occurred on Saturday when a group of 10 armed robbers seized the amount at gunpoint in Ludhiana’s Rajguru Nagar. Following the robbery, the Punjab Police initiated a thorough investigation, resulting in the recovery of Rs 5 crore and the arrest of six individuals connected to the crime. Shockingly, the investigation revealed the involvement of a woman named Mandeep Kaur, who has been identified as the mastermind behind the heist. Dubbed ‘Daku Haseena,’ she remains at large, prompting the issuance of a lookout circular (LOC) against her. Mandeep Kaur’s husband and brother were also implicated in the robbery.

Ludhiana Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu shared crucial details about the heist during a press conference on Wednesday. He disclosed that two masterminds were identified in the incident: Mandeep Kaur and Manjinder Mani. Mani, an employee of CMS for the past four years, played a pivotal role in planning and executing the crime. The perpetrators lured eight more individuals with promises of wealth, enticing them to participate in the robbery.

Planning of the heist:

The planning of Ludhiana’s heist involved the formation of two modules. Manjinder Mani led one module, comprising five individuals on two motorcycles. The second module involved Mandeep Kaur, accompanied by four robbers, in a cruise car. As an employee of CMS, Mani possessed inside knowledge of the company’s operations, including cash handling procedures and security vulnerabilities. 

Collaborating with Mandeep Kaur, he meticulously plotted the conspiracy. The investigation revealed that the planning for the heist had been underway since January. Remarkably, Mani was aware that cash was not replenished in ATMs on weekends, leading to higher cash availability on Fridays. Consequently, Friday was chosen as the day for the robbery. Notably, the perpetrators exhibited a high level of professionalism by refraining from using mobile phones, making it challenging for the Punjab Police to trace their locations.

The breakthrough in the Ludhiana heist case came when Mandeep Kaur’s brother posted a video on Instagram showcasing bundles of new Rs 500 notes placed on the car’s dashboard. This post aroused the suspicion of the police, leading them to investigate further. Additionally, the flickering of the cash van used by the robbers during the incident was a unique detail known only to an expert or the driver. Consequently, the employee of the company, Manjinder Mani, came under suspicion as he was the one driving the vehicle on the day of the heist.

The Punjab Police’s success in solving the Ludhiana heist has brought a significant breakthrough in the case, with arrests made and a substantial amount of the stolen cash recovered. The investigation continues as law enforcement authorities intensify efforts to apprehend the remaining suspects and ensure justice is served.

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