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Punjab police stops ‘Waris Punjab De’ rally in Amritsar

Punjab police stops rally in Amritsar

Punjab police stops rally in Amritsar. Hundreds of armed followers rallied behind a self-appointed religious preacher. They overran a police station in Punjab Amritsar on Thursday. The police got a restraining order because they did not want the situation to get out of hand. The police did their best to stop the attackers. However, they were not able to take much action against them. The attackers were carrying guns and swords and were requesting the release of the arrested associates. They were also carrying the Guru Granth Sahib which is the holy book of the Sikhs. This was one of the main reasons why the police could not do anything or retaliate.

Message from Senior police officer

The senior police officer Harpal Singh Randhawa stated that “What happened yesterday should not have happened Punjab police did not retaliate because Amritpal Singh (one of the leaders) had brought guru Granth Sahib with him. If we had retaliated, things would have gone awry. We respected the Guru Granth Sahib.”

He also added, “Amritpal had earlier said that he would only hold peaceful dharna. But he cheated us. His men attacked the Punjab police. But we did not retaliate at all because Guru Granth sahib was in front. I would like to salute the Punjab police personnel who did not retaliate.”

One of the police officers mentioned, “that there is a rule of law in Punjab. Amritpal is not above the law. If we had taken even a little action, the situation could have worsened across Punjab. We did what we saw fit. Whatever happened yesterday, action will be taken according to the law.”

Commenting on the incident, Punjab Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, told news agency ANI, “People of Punjab should have faith in Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to maintain law and order in the state.” Police had arrested Toofan Singh for allegedly kidnapping and beating up a man. He is a member of the Amritpal Singh-led ‘Waris Punjab De’ organization that was founded by actor and activist Deep Sidhu who died in a road accident in February last year.

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