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RaGa demands the removal of 50% reservation cap

The Congress charged the administration with using caste-based politics to target the opposition and stalling the country’s socioeconomic and caste census on Monday.
Rahul Gandhi for the removal of the quota ceiling of 50% and requested reservations for Dalits and tribals depending on their population, claiming that the poor need more than just empty rhetoric. They additionally require economic and political power.

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has also demanded an updated caste census, arguing that the absence of such information renders genuine social justice and empowerment initiatives ineffective.

“Prime Minister ji, the underprivileged need political and economic power, not empty words,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.

Follow these three actions: Make the 2011 census data public, disclose the number of OBCs in the nation, and lift the reservation barrier of 50%. Give Dalits and tribal groups reservations in accordance with their numbers, he added.

Kharge emphasized that it is the Union Government’s obligation to conduct the census. “I’m writing to you today to reiterate the Indian National Congress’ call for a current Caste Census. In a letter dated April 16, the head of the Congress stated, “My colleagues and I have addressed this issue before in both Houses of Parliament on a number of occasions, as have leaders of many other opposition parties.

Kanhaiya Kumar, a leader of the Congress, stated that if the administration is truly worried about the OBCs, Why is it “reluctant” to release caste, social class, and economic status statistics for OBCs?

He also reiterated the need for the government to conduct a caste and socioeconomic census in order to determine the population’s size and socioeconomic standing, which will aid in the formulation of policy.

The prime minister argues that he is a member of the underclass. It becomes vital to ask the government certain questions about whether they truly love the OBCs. Why is the Indian government so unwilling to release information on caste, class, and the economic standing of citizens? he questioned.

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