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Rahul Gandhi in hot water over ‘flying kiss’, complaint lodged

The flying kiss. A gesture used in romantic movies and books alike, being copied everywhere as a sign of romance, something that has been a part of experiences all around pop culture and the real world.

But you can be forgiven if you were temporarily in shock like the rest us of denizens when you saw in the Parliament channel Rahul Gandhi blowing a flying kiss after being welcomed over the attendance controversy etc and then wondering aloud, what was wrong with the world for a moment? Had he suddenly morphed into a swashbuckling hero or he was the same friendly politician we all loved to root for even if we called him sometimes unflattering, sometimes amusing nicknames. Newsflash, it did happen and it was by the same man, but the controversy that has happened over it has left netizens very divided, although a Shiv Sena member has come to the rescue, which really does prove there indeed is a thing as a lucky streak.

She surmised the current things in a very diplomatic, gentle manner in contrast to the more vociferous, shouting way of Smriti Irani which we are now used to, just like the gruff Prince Philip who erupted at journalists and visitors alike. The member who was also an ex-colleague said that this was done in the spirit of affection and in humility, even after all the hate that Rahul received and then still managed to achieve a legal victory. The tempers still haven’t stopped simmering, with further members alleging that inexcusable gestures were made towards Mrs Irani and even signing a complaint

This is an interesting thing even by Indian politics standards. It is guilty and completely innocent at the same time, because while the action can be proved in cameras, the intent cannot be, which is good for discussing both sides but not completely useful when other pressing topics exist. Well at least they are talking, that’s what the Parliament was made for.

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