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Rahul Gandhi promises stipends of up to Rs. 3000 to appeal to Karnataka’s unemployed

Ever since his first yatra that is the Bharat Jodo Yatra Rahul Gandhi on Monday said “If Congress wins this summer’s assembly elections in Karnataka, the government will pay monthly allowances of Rs 3,000 to unemployed graduates and Rs 1,500 to diploma holders for two years.” 

While announcing the Yuvi Nidhi program for the youth, which is its fourth election promise in Karnataka, he promised that the congress government would generate 10 lakh jobs for people in the state and fill 2.5 lakh government positions. 

A similar scheme for the unemployed can be seen in the other state led by Congress. The government in Chattisgarh pays 2,500 per month for a maximum of two years. This was declared in the state budget for 2023-2024 at the beginning of this month. 

Under the Gruha Jyoti Scheme, Congress has promised to deliver 200 units worth of free electricity in Karnataka. Under Gruha Lakshmi Scheme it will give Rs 2,000 per month to the woman who is the family’s leader. Under the Anna Bhagya Scheme, it will provide 10 kg of free rice to BPL families. 

Mr. Gandhi claimed that the monthly allowance was chosen by the party in reaction to issues brought up by young people during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. At the party’s Yuva Kranti Samavesha for young people in Belagavi, he said, “We understand your problems and that BJP is not providing jobs.”

The former head of the party urged the top officials and members to come together against the BJP and deliver a stellar defeat. His belief that Congress will sweep the midterms was palpable. His belief that they will sweep the election is amid a jostling CM candidate and reportedly the party is struggling to agree on candidates for about 60 seats. 

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