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Rahul Gandhi to contest from Amethi this time

If transformations are mentioned, in the movie roles sense, the one name that has to be mentioned for it is a cardinal sin if not, then that name is Christian Bale. There is not one role made that is impossible for this guy to play, and if anything, he has gotten more intense with the passing years. His career really exploded after playing the now extravagantly famous Patrick Bateman, the father of the Instagram sigma male type( the alphas are the dominating ones, the betas are the submissive ones, the new sigmas are the lone wolves).

And funnily enough, he based it on Tom Cruise in what he said was an essentially friendly man with blank eyes( assuming he took cues from this oddly specific behaviour to make the character the an-about-to-explode psychopath) and secondly this was a move that was touted as career suicide, with even the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio refusing it, and instead it became a cult hit and considerably swelled the reputations of both Bale and Bret Easton Ellis, writer of the novel American Psycho, the inspiration for this film.

Rahul Gandhi has been bitten by the same bug in the recent months, from being the innocent looking, bumbling but well meaning politician that often felt like he couldn’t connect with the ordinary man to becoming a swarthy, more determined, wearer of a Tolstoyesque beard, he has done a lot for his image which in just some months, following it like a code. From walking barefoot for many kilometers, wearing only a half jacket in bitter cold, he has now developed the personality traits of a Teddy Roosevelt type( although there are no drinking saloons and outlaws to beat up, but you know what I mean).

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th US President, brains and brawn both.

 It is with such confidence that this time he will be fighting from his ancestral seat at Amethi, which the Congress has lost and won in equal measure, and it is with bated breath that we look forward to seeing what happens this time. It is a move that has been spurred on by the supporters that dislike the current face of Smriti Irani who won this seat in 2019 and are clamoring for Gandhi to come back while the opposition remains dismissive of any threat.

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