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Rajya Sabha Updates: Derek O’Brien Suspended from Rajya Sabha for Unruly Behaviour

New Delhi: In a development that added more heat to the ongoing parliamentary sessions, Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’Brien has been suspended from the Rajya Sabha for the remainder of the Monsoon Session. The decision was announced by House Chairman and Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar. The suspension comes in light of what has been deemed “unruly behavior and disregarding the directions of the Chair.”

The incident that led to O’Brien’s suspension unfolded during a debate on the Delhi services bill. O’Brien had sought to speak, ostensibly under the pretext of raising a point of order. When the chairman asked him to specify the rule he intended to address, O’Brien cited Rule 267, which pertains to seeking discussions on pressing issues, specifically referencing the ongoing Manipur issue.

However, the move did not sit well with the chairman, who accused O’Brien of theatrics and disregarding decorum in the House. The Trinamool leader’s refusal to confine his speech to the topic at hand and his unleashing of allegations against the central government fueled a tense exchange.

The Leader of the House and Union Minister Piyush Goyal subsequently moved a motion to suspend Derek O’Brien for the remainder of the Monsoon Session, which is scheduled to conclude on August 11.

As Mr. Goyal moved the motion, Trinamool MPs rushed to the well, chanting slogans in protest. House Chairman Dhankhar firmly instructed O’Brien to leave the premises immediately, officially enforcing the suspension.

This suspension coincides with the parliamentary agenda’s focus on a no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi-led government. The Lok Sabha, India’s lower house, is set to hold a debate on the motion, with a no-trust vote anticipated in the coming days.

The use of Rule 267, which provides Rajya Sabha MPs with special authority to suspend the predetermined agenda of the House with the chairman’s approval, has become a point of contention during these sessions. The opposition’s push for discussions under this rule underscores the charged political atmosphere and the intense debates currently gripping the Indian Parliament.

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