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Ramcharitmanas controversy intended to benefit SP and BJP: Mayawati

Mayawati, the chairman of the BSP, said on Monday that the current contestation girding Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya’s views on the’ Ramcharitmanas’ was intended to help his party and the ruling party in Uttar Pradesh. 

 On January 22, Maurya, a notorious OBC politician in Uttar Pradesh, sparked a contestation when he claimed that some lyrics in the’ Ramcharitmanas,’ a popular rendition of Tulsidas’ Ramayana,” personality” a huge portion of society on the base of estate, and prompted a ban on similar passages in the literature. 

 The Bahujan Samaj Party( BSP) chairman and former Uttar Pradesh chief minister claimed in a series of tweets that the BJP’s plans to produce fresh issues for political advantage are well known, but the Samajwadi Party( SP) is also not different. 

“The BJP’s political identity is extensively recognised for generating fresh issues for limited political and electoral pretensions, propagating religious hate, breeding fear, and promoting religious transformations, among other effects. still, the SP’s political achromatism as the’ Ramcharitmanas’ is sad and terrible”, Mayawati said. 

 She questioned the SP leadership’s silence on Maurya’s statements, saying it indicated a cooperation between the SP and the BJP. 

“Despite the contestation over the SP leader’s reflections against the’ Ramcharitmanas,’ and also the BJP’s responses to it, the SP leadership’s silence has made it clear that there’s an agreement between the two parties so that the forthcoming choices can be polarised on Hindu- Muslim paranoia rather of burning public issues,” Mayawati said. 

 The BSP leader said that both parties have” communalized” the 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly choices and advised against similar divisive politics. 

“The SP and BJP were in coalition in the former assembly choices in UP, supporting each other by centralizing through religious fever, performing in the BJP recovering power then. It’s important to avoid falling victim to similar divisive politics” She went on to say.

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