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Remembering Alexander McQueen, the man who changed fashion

Sometimes some people are born to change the world. No it is not just a mere statement, I support my claims from history itself, from Cyrus the Great to Gandhi, there is no lack of examples to support my claim. You know, the more outrageous your statement, the more evidence you need to back it up and yes, I am speaking from personal experience.

Today I will talk about yet another example that will be added to the aforementioned club. Lee Alexander Mcqueen, born on 17th March 1969, a year that has since become legendary for it has now become synonymous with the moon landing and Woodstock, events of equal renown and notoriety, the man who changed the way we look at fashion forever. From involving some avian theme in all of his clothing, often so tight that models fainted in it, yet it was considered an honor to walk his ramp to making his shows seem like a cross between the Venusian and sadomasochism, it has been more than a decade since he hanged himself and yet chances seem slim we will find another man of his stature, a man who combined nihilism, hedonism, ingenuity, brashness, wit and melancholy in a too explosive to handle package, one that was courted by celebrities worldwide, like Sarah Jessica Parker yet he never clamored for attention.

I have been a regular member of the British Council for the past 11 years and it was just some days back when, prior to having a conversation on fashion with my friend, another McQueen fan, when I glanced upon a book written on him by Kristin Knox. The book showcases all his collections from Spring/Summer 1995 to Fall/Winter 2010, spread over 123 pages of lush photographs and crisp explanations, an enjoyable read, and you may find facts you would have not heard before, so that is another twist.

the book I have described above, as I have it

My friend would agree with you, McQueen was indeed one of a kind and so would I.

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