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Remembering Deng Xiaoping on his 119th birth anniversary

Every country has a history of its own, from the time it just came into conception to the time it reached the very zenith after the struggles along the way. The paradox of this is that does not happen in the same order for everyone, some reach the top much earlier and the down even sooner( in astrology this can be attributed to the planet Rahu, that is the lord of instantaneous gains and if the native doesn’t work to preserve it, he faces losses too. Although the saying goes Shanivat Rahu meaning Rahu behaves like Saturn, not all of it is true, the gains from a Saturnine course of action stay around longer than the Rahuvian way)

It is also said that Rahu is very much like a fox in nature, sly, cunning with a natural charm that enables it to get its way without much effort, in fact in Thai astrology it is considered one of the most important stars for the making of a prominent villain. Although that cunning is integral for making a diplomat, for they are often working in tense situations that need to be defused without losing time, so it is no doubt that Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese diplomat that is being written about today had a prominent Rahu influence, especially in his ever smiling but getting the work done and paving the road for the future generations in the ultimately visionary way.

the changing leaders of China

Without him, China would never have embraced the mentality to be more liberated and intellectual, to accept the world beyond its own, what the LPG reforms were to India, the same influence Deng exerted on China, especially after the Tughlaqesque tyranny that Mao exerted on it which now history remembers as the Great Leap Forward but in reality it was many steps backward.

Well, like they say in every literature, for all heroes there are villains.  

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