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Request for More Bulletproof Jackets and Helmets Amid Escalating Violence in Manipur

The state of Manipur in northeastern India has witnessed a recent surge in violence, prompting units of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) to request additional bulletproof jackets and helmets. With militant groups and violent mobs creating a law and order crisis in the region, paramilitary forces are seeking better protection for their personnel. This article delves into the escalating situation, the demands for essential protective gear, and the challenges faced by security forces in Manipur.

Rising Violence and the Need for Enhanced Protection:

Amidst the unfolding situation in Manipur, at least one more person was killed in fresh violence on Monday. To address the mounting challenges, paramilitary forces, including the Rapid Action Force (RAF), the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and the Border Security Force (BSF), have expressed the urgent need for more bulletproof jackets and helmets. Currently, there is a scarcity of these crucial items, and the forces are ill-equipped to handle the escalating violence.

RAF’s Request and the Changing Dynamics:

The RAF, primarily an anti-rioting force, has found itself facing a different scenario in Manipur. The combination of violent mobs and the involvement of militant groups necessitates a different approach to maintaining law and order. As a result, the RAF has requested 300 bulletproof jackets to address the evolving situation. While the standard practice is for only the rifle party to carry such protective gear, the current circumstances in Manipur demand a broader distribution of bulletproof items among the personnel.

CRPF’s Communication and Preparedness:

The CRPF, too, has communicated the need for additional protective gear due to the developing situation in Manipur. The unpredictable nature of events necessitates the availability of adequate supplies to handle any unforeseen circumstances. As the paramilitary forces anticipate the possibility of further violence and clashes, they are actively seeking reinforcements to ensure the safety and protection of their personnel.

BSF’s Demand and the Challenge of Impersonators:

The BSF, responsible for guarding India’s borders, is also grappling with the situation in Manipur. While the security forces have provided a certain quantity of supplies considering the state’s situation, there is an evident demand for additional bulletproof jackets and helmets. The authorities are faced with the challenge of miscreants disguising themselves as police or CAPF personnel, making it difficult to distinguish friend from foe in the ongoing conflicts.

Recovering Stolen Bulletproof Items:

Complicating matters further, local police stations have reported incidents of stolen bulletproof items, some of which were later discovered in the possession of miscreants. The local administration has launched an investigation into the scale of such thefts and the potential implications they may have for the ongoing violence in Manipur.

As Manipur faces a period of heightened violence, the CAPF units deployed in the state are urgently requesting additional bulletproof jackets and helmets. The involvement of militant groups and the increasingly violent nature of the clashes have necessitated a reassessment of the forces’ preparedness and protective measures. Adequate provision of essential protective gear is crucial to ensure the safety and security of the personnel, as well as to effectively address the ongoing law and order crisis in Manipur.

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