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S Jaishankar Slams Siddaramaiah Over Sudan Tweet

The foreign minister S Jaishankar criticized the leader of Congress, Siddaramaiah, for politicizing the plight of 31 Karnataka tribals who are trapped in a conflict-ridden Sudan. Jaishankar responded angrily to Siddaramaiah’s accusations of government slowness in rescuing stranded members of a tribal community in the southern state. The Union Minister discussed government initiatives in Sudan, where competing armed factions have been fighting for control of the African country. He stated that for security reasons, the specifics of the stranded people’s whereabouts cannot be made public, and their ability to move is restricted by the continuous, severe fighting. The Embassy communicates often with the Ministry with relation to its plans.

Siddaramaiah demanded that the BJP government at the centre start diplomatic negotiations right away and contact foreign organisations to guarantee the safety of Hakki-Pikkis. The Indian Embassy in Sudan advised Indian citizens against going outside and recommended limiting supplies due to the ongoing fighting between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The Ministry of External Affairs established a Control Room to inform and assist Indians with the situation.

The fighting between Sudan’s two top generals has trapped millions of people in their houses or wherever they may find shelter, and some hospitals have been forced to close due to a lack of supplies. Both sides are employing tanks, artillery, and other heavy weapons in heavily populated regions. Since the fighting began, over 1,800 people have been hurt, and at least 185 individuals have died. A well-thought-out effort is needed in this complex security circumstance to protect the safety of the stranded Indians. It is important to avoid playing politics when Indian citizens’ lives are on the line.

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