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Sachin Pilot alleges Vasundhara Raje is Gehlot’s boss

The state’s current Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot, has come under fire from Sachin Pilot, the state’s former deputy chief minister, who claims that Vasundhara Raje, not Gehlot, is the true leader of the state. Pilot said this while speaking to a crowd of supporters in the Karauli area of Rajasthan.

Pilot and Gehlot have been at odds for a while, and Pilot accuses Gehlot of undermining the party’s youthful leaders. Pilot also criticised the Gehlot administration in his speech for failing to solve the state’s unemployment and corruption problems.

Pilot has declared that he will begin a “pad yatra” (foot march) on May 11 to draw attention to the problems of corruption and unemployment in the state. He has urged his supporters to assist him in his fight against the corruption and poor leadership of the Gehlot administration.

Pilot’s accusations against Gehlot have, however, generated a political spat in the state, with members of the Congress party, which is in power, and the BJP, which is in opposition, trading jabs over the matter. The BJP has urged that the Gehlot government be overthrown and has accused the Congress of having internal strife.

Randeep Surjewala, a senior in the Congress party, responded by accusing the BJP of attempting to topple the government and reiterating the party’s support for Gehlot. He also backed the party’s choice to fire Pilot as deputy CM, arguing that doing so was important to uphold party discipline.

Rajasthan’s political climate is very hostile, with both the Congress and the BJP seeking to gain ground. It’s unclear how things will turn out during the next several days and weeks as Pilot gets ready to start his pad yatra.

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