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Scientists Identify and Study Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves at Indian Antarctic Station Maitri

At the Indian Antarctic station Maitri, researchers from the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) have discovered and analysed electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves. Killer electrons, which may destroy space-borne electronics and instruments, have been shown to be precipitated by these plasma waves, who have been proven to play a significant part in this process.

In order to better understand the features of EMIC waves, the research team examined data gathered between 2011 and 2017 by the Induction Coil Magnetometer established at the Indian Antarctic station Maitri. They propose that the lower-frequency waves influence the higher-frequency waves and were able to pinpoint where the wave creation occurred in space.

Understanding how EMIC waves interact with energetic particles to affect satellites and their communication requires extensive study of EMIC waves. We anticipate that the results of this work will help us better understand EMIC wave modulation and its significance to space exploration.

One of the academics who worked on the study, Dr. Mithun Nair, outlined its importance. According to him, “The EMIC waves play a significant role in the space environment and their study is essential to understand the interaction of these waves with the killer electrons, which are dangerous to space-borne technology and instruments.”

The Maitri station’s significance for space exploration was also underlined by the study. “The Maitri station provides an ideal location for studying various space physics phenomena due to its unique location and infrastructure,” continued Dr. Nair.

Space research professionals have given the study high marks. This study is important because it clarifies how EMIC waves affect our space technologies and sensors. It also emphasises the value of having such infrastructure in the realm of space research, according to space scientist Dr. Ravi Bhushan.

A premier research centre for geophysics and space studies is the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism. The institution has played a significant role in the study that has been done on numerous facets of the Earth’s magnetic field and how it interacts with space.

The investigation of EMIC waves at the Indian Antarctic station Maitri, in conclusion, has made a significant contribution to space science. The results of this investigation will not only clarify how EMIC waves affect our space equipment and sensors but also underline how crucial it is to have such infrastructure for space research. The study is evidence of Indian scientists’ ability and their contributions to the development of science and technology.

Source: https://dst.gov.in/scientists-probe-characteristics-form-plasma-wave-identified-indian-antarctic-station-maitri

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