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Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Pathaan part 2 is to be coming up soon

The article focuses on the making of Pathaan part 2 

Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan’s crowning achievement, has already been breaking records all over the globe. The slightly elevated action film has overtaken other several movies in the lead-up and has become one of Bollywood’s greatest events worldwide.

Likewise, Shah Rukh Khan appeared in a carbonated beverage commercial whereby, like Pathaan, he knocks up thugs, boards a chopper, and kicks around a lot to get to his beverage of choice. In the end, it becomes clear that he is actually on location when his filmmaker instructs him to let a stunt driver handle the action to enable him to unwind. Shah Rukh rejects the proposal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi casually stated about the remarkable feat of Pathaan throughout a session in the Lok Sabha, noting that cinemas in Srinagar are once again packed to capacity. He has already urged BJP supporters to refrain from unneeded remarks regarding Bollywood actors and movies. Before Pathaan’s January 25 global release, numerous demonstrations and boycotting requests were lodged even against the film. This is when he took action.

As Siddharth Anand’s action show continues to sell out, team Pathaan prepares to celebrate. Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback to the big screens after a four-year absence has been adored by moviegoers, and sharing screen time with Bollywood Actor Salman Khan was the cherry on top. Salman Khan, who had a lengthy role in Pathaan, wanted to make sure he left viewers eagerly expecting their reunion in Tiger 3, which will serve as the following movie in Yash Raj Film’s detective series.

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