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“Stop ‘Gundagiri’, ” says Kejri to Centre

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is not happy with the Centre

With tensions rising between the Aam Aadmi Party and the Centre, Delhi Cm and Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal wrote to PM Modi asking him to ‘not stop’ the Delhi Budget.

This came after the Delhi Budget 2023-24, which was supposed to be presented on March 21, was stalled by the Ministry of Home affairs (MHA), as they reasoned that the budget was focused more on advertisements rather than development of infrastructure.

This move seems to have enraged Kejriwal, who in the recent days also not too pleased about former Delhi Deputy CM a Manish Sisodia’s arrest case. In the past 2 years, a heated rivalry has sprouted between AAP and the BJP, and this move was not helping matters. “For the 1st time in the 75 year history of India, a state’s budget has been stopped,” said Kejriwal in a 75-page letter to the PM. This came a day after the Centre demanded clarification from the Delhi government about the budget.

 Speaking via a video clip in a programme by News18, Kejriwal accused the Centre and MHA of ‘Gundagardi’ and about his letter to the PM. The Delhi Government budget, which was themed ‘Neat and Clean’, was expected to lay out a beautification plan and a system to modernize the city’s infrastructure with emphasis on cleaning of the Yamuna River and removing of 3 mountains of garbage from different landfills sites across the city.

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