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Strict action’ taken against 15 Jamia students

According to officials, Jamia Millia Islamia has taken “strict actions” against 15 students for their participation in the altercation between two groups last September that led in a student receiving gunshot wounds, including expelling three of them.

Depending on the student’s involvement, the penalties range from expulsion to a school ban to a lack of housing in a dorm to financial compensation to providing a bond of good behavior, according to a senior varsity administrator.

According to the official, three out of 15 students were only permitted to take exams while serving a five-year campus suspension and were not permitted to enroll in any other courses at the university after completing their current ones.

Jamia Registrar Nazim Husain Al Jafri said, “The disciplinary procedures have been implemented after the proper procedure and to set an example that the institution would not allow any form of indiscipline on the campus.

Mujeebur Rehman, BA (Hons) Political Science; Salman Khursid, BA program; and Mohd. Faisal, MA (Social Exclusion) are the students who have been expelled for disrupting the tranquil environment of the institution and encouraging students to fight, according to the administrators.

Rehman and Khursid were served notifications on April 24. The letters state that they failed to appear before the disciplinary committee to present their case.

“The committee took into account activities carried out by him during the period of suspension and campus ban,” the notification given to Faisal said.

Rehman and Khursid were unreachable despite numerous attempts, while Faisal declined to comment on the situation.

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