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Supreme Court denied extra attempt for UPSC exam

On the 20th of February, the Supreme Court denied an extra attempt of UPSC exams. The supreme Court of India did not allow the plea to seek an extra exam. They denied access for students and aspirants to reappear in the examinations. Various UPSC aspirants have been waiting eagerly waiting for another chance to clear the exam. Many requests for a second attempt to pass the exam have been made. The aspirants even started a protest in Delhi particularly in the Old Rajinder Nagar area. This protest took place in December 2022. Many believe that the main reason was that they were denied an extra attempt while other courses like SSC and Agniveer were given a second chance. The aspirants feel that they also deserve a second chance as they gave their exams during COVID.

This examination plays a very important role in the development of the country. It surely is a very prestigious examination, and many people look forward to participating in it. It selects people for various positions. This includes being a part of the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, The Indian Foreign Service and many others. The exam takes place in three parts or stages, the preliminary, main and the interview. The Civil Services Preliminary examination will be held on the 28th of May 2023.

Unfortunately, even after many demands and protests from the students the Supreme Court denied an extra attempt of UPSC exams. The UPSC aspirants have been asking for another examination for quite some time now. However, even after such a strong opposition from the aspirants the court denied their plea. The top court was having a detailed discussion about whether to re-take the exams or not. Later, they landed on the decision of not to do so.

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