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Tear gas deployed in Manipur district amidst renewed tension, Internet disconnected

On Thursday, violent demonstrations erupted in the Churachandpur district of Manipur in anticipation of a visit from the chief minister, N. Biren Singh. The location of an event was vandalised and set on fire by a mob, purportedly over the BJP government’s survey of protected and restricted wetlands and forests. According to a police report, the district authorities responded by forbidding mass gatherings and suspending mobile internet connections due to the potential for a breach of the peace, disturbance of public tranquilly, and an extreme threat to people’s lives and property.

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum demanded a bandh in the area today from 8 am to 4 pm in protest of the continued push to evict farmers and other tribal inhabitants from restricted wooded areas. The administration has received numerous protest memoranda, but the forum charged that neither a willingness nor a sincere desire to solve the condition of the people has been demonstrated by the government.
The Kuki Students’ Organisation spoke out in favour of the forum, alleging that tribal people are treated like children and denouncing the erosion of their rights, including the destruction of temples and the forcible expulsion of tribal settlements.
Mr. Singh, who was due to officially open a gym and sports complex in the area, denounced the occurrence and said the constituency’s MLA had requested the ceremony. However, a few rude people damaged the facility. Since he did not want to comment on the Indigenous Tribals’ Leaders Forum and claimed that they were engaged in anti-developmental activities, he did not worry about threats from such individuals.

A large crowd was seen destroying chairs and damaging items inside the hall where Mr. Singh is due to attend today in the footage of the incident. They also set fire to the event’s venue as well as the sporting goods. The authorities have not yet made a decision regarding the cancellation of the programme.
Three churches in Manipur were destroyed by the authorities earlier this month because they were deemed to be unauthorised structures. People were evicted from the churches, according to a bench led by acting Chief Justice MV Muralidaran, after a local organisation filed a case with the Manipur High Court, citing documents, administrative judgements, and the Supreme Court’s guidelines on dealing with errant buildings.

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