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The Amaravati capital case will be heard by the Supreme Court on February 23

According to the Supreme Court, the petitions submitted regarding the capital Amaravati would be observed on this month’s 23rd. The matter, however, was not scheduled for a hearing on Monday and was instead rescheduled for February 23. It is well known that the AP administration has appealed the AP High Court’s decision regarding the three capitals and has notified the Supreme Court that doing so is not usable.

New Delhi: The AAP announced on Monday that it will petition the Supreme Court to have the elections held in a “court-monitored way” after the Delhi municipal House was delayed for the third session in a month without electing a mayor. After a disturbance broke out over the nominated members being permitted to vote in the election for the position, the municipal House was unable to elect a mayor on Monday.

The panel of Justices KM Joseph and Nagaratna clarified that the future hearing of this matter is deferred to February 23 after reviewing the concerns raised by both sides. Within that window, the defendants must submit a counterclaim. However, the government has also mandated that a response be provided within that timeframe. The state government lacked the authority to determine the capital was challenged by the state in an appeal to the Supreme Court. For the High Court ruling, several farmers petitioned the Supreme Court. On November 28 of last year, the Supreme Court heard them. The case’s hearing was postponed until January 31. However, he skipped the hearing that day. The Supreme Court set February 23 as the date for the following hearing in this case.

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