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“The country is shamed; no culprits will be spared.” PM Modi’s first remark on the Manipur issue

Just ahead of the monsoon session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the media and stated that the Incident in Manipur of women being paraded naked on the streets is “shameful for any civilised society.”

What triggered the ruckus across the Nation?

On July 19, 2023, an atrocious incident came to light in the state of Manipur when three Kuki women were forced to parade naked on the streets. According to the FIR, all three women were forced to strip. Allegedly, the mob raped a woman and killed her father. The Kuki woman’s brother, who came in to rescue his sister’s modesty, was also allegedly killed by the mob on the spot. The incident shook the nation to its core.

Prior to the monsoon session of Parliament, the opposition urged the parliament to suspend all other businesses to discuss the seriousness of the Manipur matter. Opposition leaders like Derek O’Brien, Mallikarjun Kharge, and Jairam Ramesh urged the Prime Minister to be open about the enduring violence in Manipur.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the media this morning, said, “Standing in front of the temple of democracy, my heart is filled with sorrow and anger. The country is shamed, I urge all the state governments to make the laws stronger and take stern action against the culprits for such a heinous crime.” The Prime Minister assured every countryman that no culprit will be spared and that what happened to the daughters of Manipur will never be exonerated.

Following this incident, the Manipur chief minister took to Twitter to mourn the event and ensure that the first arrest had been made this morning. CM Biren Singh also ensured that the Manipur police are conducting a thorough investigation and that strict action will be taken against all the offenders, considering capital punishment as well.

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud reacted to this incident and said, “Using women as an instrument in places where communal strife exists is completely unacceptable, We are deeply disturbed by the videos that have emerged.  And if the government does not act on this, then we will.

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