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The Kerala Story: Girl Elopes with Muslim lover days after BJP MP Pragya Singh shows her Sudipto Sen’s Directorial

A 19-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal eloped with her lover Yusuf days before she was to tie the knot with a person selected by her parents. This incident reportedly took place after Bharatiya Janata Party MP Pragya Singh Thakur advised her to distance herself from Yusuf. The political personality also took the woman to watch The Kerala Story, which has garnered controversy since the arrival of its teaser on social media.

Pragya Singh told Live Hindustan, “Our daughters should be aware. Our little girls who are innocent… they are not able to understand now but their life is not secure. Do not get caught in this love jihad affair… respect your parents and trust them.”

“Hindu girls are being tricked under a conspiratorial mission. A minor girl was killed in Delhi. Girls need to be alert… their life is not safe. Hindus do not do any conspiracy against anyone,” she added.

She also went on to say, “When people who follow ‘dharma’ become lax unrighteousness increases… this is what is happening today. They (seen as a reference to Muslims) are moving with their mission.”

The young woman’s family filed a complaint alleging Yusuf ‘trapped’ their daughter with ‘sweet talk’ and persuaded her to run with him. However, the woman has said that she has taken this decision by her own choice.

According to the complaint, the woman took cash and jewelry meant for her marriage with another man and is paying off the loan in her name, which Yusuf took.

Yusuf’s father showed an affidavit, which was advertised in newspapers stating that he had legally disowned his son. “I was tired of my son’s antics. He would fight with the locals and would come home inebriated and create a ruckus. I used to stand surety for my son, but one day I just gave up. He is no son of mine. Now, because of his antics, my whole family is under threat,” said his father.

The man’s family came to know about his relationship eight months ago. “We were scared because the woman belonged to a different community. So, we sent a message through some common friends (to the woman’s family). We told them to please look after their daughter. We don’t want her to marry our son,” his mother said.

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