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The Odisha BJP demands action against Labour Minister Srikanta Sahu

Odisha BJP leaders question slow pace of investigation in case against Labour Minister Srikanta Sahu.

A delegation of Odisha Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders has raised concerns about the slow pace of investigation into the case against Labour Minister Srikanta Sahu. Also, the leaders have questioned why the Minister has not been prosecuted and whether the police are being pressured.

According to reports, a female member of Sahu’s party lodged a complaint against him at the Mahila Police Station. She reportedly sat for 14 hours at the police station before being taken to Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar for an examination. She then returned to the police station, where she informed the media that she had filed a complaint against the Minister.

The BJP leaders have alleged that the police are shielding the Minister by not registering any case against him. They have also claimed that the woman’s complaint is being treated as non-cognizable, despite her spending several hours at the police station.

The slow pace of investigation and lack of action against the Minister have raised concerns among the BJP leaders, who have called on Twin City Police Commissioner Saumendra Priyadarshi to address the matter.

The case has garnered attention from the media, with many questioning the delay in action against Sahu. The woman who lodged the complaint has expressed faith in Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and is hopeful of justice.

It remains to be seen how the case will unfold and what action will be taken against the Minister. However, the scrutiny from the media and political parties highlights the importance of addressing such cases promptly and fairly, to ensure justice for all.

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