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The search feature in Google is easy

Google started a new feature that enhances toll finer for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This new feature was launched with the aim of offering users the option to find it easily. According to the official blog post, the enhanced tool finder helps the user function using their own words.

They work like that: once the user opens the enhanced tool finder immediately after creating a file, they will suggest a lot of common actions that they have taken while creating a document, slide, or spreadsheet.

They work like they are supposed to, relying on Help-Search to find these features. Also, after the rollout, heading to Help-Search will redirect to the access tool finder. A confirmation is sent by Google after the transaction period. After the transaction, they come to the home page, and the tool finder will live permanently in the toolbox.

According to the official blog, this feature is in both the rapid and scheduled domains, and it will be available in a few days.

They are available for all Google workspaces as well as legacy G-Suite basic and business customers, as well as for permanent Google account holders.

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