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Overview of the Edition

Maharashtra Political Crisis and Andhra Pradesh’s Economic Woes: A Tale of Governance and Challenges

Maharashtra Political Crisis: The End of Shiv Sena
Shiv Sena, a prominent party in Maharashtra’s political landscape, faces internal strife and challenges, leading to a crisis. Eknath Shinde’s rebellion and alliance with BJP have intensified the situation, impacting Maharashtra’s governance.

Andhra Pradesh’s Economic Woes: Is the State Going the Sri Lanka Way?
Andhra Pradesh grapples with financial troubles since bifurcation. The article explores the root causes, including freebie politics and unfulfilled commitments, emphasizing the need for sustainable economic strategies.

YUAN: Is it Becoming a Trade Currency Between India and Russia?
Amid strained relations with China, Indian buyers use the Yuan for trade with Russia, raising economic concerns. The article explores motives, consequences, and the importance of balanced international trade and data protection.

Data Protection in India: History and Outlook
India’s journey towards comprehensive data protection legislation faces challenges. The article discusses balancing individual rights, national security, and data processor rights, emphasizing the need for an enforceable framework.

Entry of Foreign Law Firms in India: Ambiguities and Outlook
India allows foreign law firms in non-litigation categories, but regulations lack clarity. The article highlights potential benefits and the need for clarity to boost India’s legal industry.


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