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The Tale of Srinivas’s Confusion

The phrase ‘Aaya Ram Gaya Ram’ has a new successor. The ‘Ram’ here has been replaced by former Andhra MP D. Srinivas.  The tale started on the 26th of March 28, 2023 DS and his son D. Sanjay went to Gandhi Bhavan, the party office in Hyderabad, and submitted their applications.

On March 27, Srinivas’s wife Vijayalakshmi released a video consisting visuals of his resignation letter. Vijayalakshmi also requested the media people and the Congress leaders not to reach to their house. In the video, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi said that it was not the time to do politics. She said that her husband was not well and that it was not the right way to take him into the party. She appealed to the Congress leaders not to use Srinivas for their hidden interests.

Srinivas stated that he wanted to stay away from active politics and urged the party leaders not to create controversies over the issue.

On Monday, when the media asked him as to why he came to Gandhi Bhavan, DS said that he was joining the Congress in support to Rahul Gandhi. However, on Tuesday evening, he released a resignation letter and stated that he went to Gandhi Bhavan only in connection with his son’s entry into the Congress. Further, he said that it was not right to link up his re-entry into the party with his son joining the Congress.

There is a confusion over Srinivas’s entry and exit from the party. According to some reports, Srinivas’s sons- Aravind and Sanjay – had a heated argument before Sanjay and DS reached Gandhi Bhavan. The two brothers are reportedly differing with each other over their political future.

Srinivas has proven to be a lucky hand by the Congress and senior party leaders hoped that his entry would turn around the party fortune in the next Assembly elections.

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