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The UGC Scandal, 20 Universities declared fake, Delhi at the top of the list

Nelson Mandela stressed a lot about the importance of education, he believed it could change the world.

It is no doubt India produced titans in the intellectual sphere, from Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan to S Radhakrishnan, men that captivated the entire world and laid high the Indian flag with pride. The state of any nation can after all be very well judged by the state of its educational institutions.

In a sting to that label, UGC has uncovered 20 well-functioning universities as fake, with 8 of them being situated in Delhi itself and the rest being scattered over Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Puducherry This move serves a very important role especially, in an overpopulated country like India where fraudulence is more than often the norm. Additionally owing to political reasons like reservation where getting into a government institution is no less than a jubilee occasion, institutes like these threaten the future of many innocent, hardworking kids that sacrifice their entire childhood and memories in coaching centers that pop up at every nook and corner, often resembling overcrowded dungeons of the medieval lore. 

The eminent secretary of UGC, Prof Manish R Joshi has come down thunderingly on this outrageous conmanship and declared the degree-granting powers of these universities null and void with further orders to shut them down as soon as possible, although this is not the first occurrence, it has been steadily happening over the years with a crackdown happening on more and more of such institutes. 

What would Nelson Mandela now say as mentioned above? He wouldn’t be disappointed, instead, he would ask us to keep going in the right direction without thinking too much of the world outside.

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