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This Is Us actor Ron Cephas Jones dies at 66

Some television shows capture the nerve of the people, maybe not in terms of star cast or the cinematic gloss but they speak of the emotional issues in the way they should be spoken of at the time the viewers are feeling them and the connection is what makes them a hit. Mind you, too emotional or social shows often take time to garner recognition, they are either sleeper hits or neglected gems, the unfortunate extremes of the showbiz world. 

Defying all these stereotypes comes the show This Is Us ventures into both the aforementioned territories and manages to be as relevant and a very instant hit, depending on whatever your definition of instant is, although I feel that even instant coffee is not made in an instant, so maybe the term is null and void to begin with. The show does follow a common premise of two families and their children navigate the ever increasing complexities of the postmodern world and while this seems like a very Richard Linklateresque thing to do so( case in point Boyhood) you may be right on that count, but you would be further to the mark if you acknowledged a Gilmore girls influence on it. Add that as a mix and we have a winning combination, and no by winning I do not mean awards, I mean the hearts of people, like I have mentioned at the very beginning.

A still from the much beloved show.

Ron Cephas Jones, the man who got famous after playing the biological father, William Hill, his son being Randall Pearson, essayed by the charismatic Sterling Brown has passed away at the age of 66 after having some long standing pulmonary issues, although he won many accolades including the Emmys for the now famous show. He acted in a Steinbeck play as well on stage, Of Mice and Men and also appeared in the recent comedy epic Dolemite is my name with the much beloved Eddie Murphy.

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