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TMC attacks BJP over teen rape and murder

On Saturday, West Bengal’s Minister of Women and Social Welfare, Shashi Panja, was divisive over the alleged rape and murder of an underage girl in North Dinajpur district by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). accused of pursuing policy.
“They mislead the people and engage in divisive politics. We condemn this. The BJP is using this issue for its own propaganda. I came with you,” said the TMC minister. This comes after a video was shared of an underage girl bein mutilated and raped and then murdered by a couple of men in West Bengal’s Kaliaganj. . The video also shows police mercilessly and inappropriately dragging the victim’s body.

Minister Panja further argued that: They made a video and made it viral. ”

“Why are the police hiding something? The BJP has no interest in the girl’s death or needing justice,” the TMC minister added. Informing the investigation, the women’s minister said: “Two people have already been arrested.

Earlier in the day, BJP leader Bharati Ghosh condemned the police and stated that thye were not following protocol.
The BJP leader criticized the police for overlooking the delicacy of the case, saying, “The police dragged the bodies in a very insensitive manner. Police actively participate in the entire criminal process and collect evidence.” and save the guilty.”

Bharati Ghosh also requested the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate the matter. Regarding BJP leader Svendu Adhikari’s allegation that the police did not allow him to meet the victims’ families, Bharati Ghosh said: But the president of TMC was pardoned. This has not been done. We want and deserve a system that delivers justice with neutrality. ”

BJP leaders also argued that the silence of senior police officers on the issue was dangerous to the state’s democracy.

“Even though the victim was sexually exploited and then killed, the police remain silent. All high-ranking officials, including the district magistrate (DM), the collector and the general secretary, are silent. This silence is dangerous for national democracy.”

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