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Top school website corrupted, Bangladeshi terrorist group behind it supposedly

Corruption. The word conjures up an image of a guy sitting authoritatively, with his hands steepled and eyes hidden by tinted glasses, sometimes masked. It conjures up the image  of Guy Fawkes, the dissident that threatened to blow up the English parliament in 1605 and while the crisis was averted by timely intervention, his mask and legend has become immortal in lore. Playing on the same image was the 2005 cult classic movie V for Vendetta, which strengthened the curriculum vitae of Hugo Weaving, the man who played the titular character and also made sure that the one time DC Comic venture, originally written by Alan Moore continues to tower in our imaginations( Moore doesn’t need any help to tower though, he is already 6 feet 4 inches tall).

In a move that is both shocking and fantastically reminiscent of the above, one of the top schools in Noida has had its website hacked by a Bangladeshi based terrorist group, who has purportedly been subject to other investigations as well and they ended the broadcast with these chillingly poetic lines- “when liberty is at risk, expect us”. They claim to be a Bangladeshi Islamic group that in the enthusiastic egotism of a rebel proclaim that they should be taken seriously in their ventures that promise to kill off oppression and let the spirit of freedom permeate the air. As an artistic oeuvre, they left inscribed an image of the Bangladeshi flag, which both intimidates and incriminates. Terrorism runs rife in this particular third world economy and for one who wants to break out of shackles, moves like these further imprison them in a jail of unnecessary doubts and investigations.

The complaint was duly registered with the concerned authorities and nothing final has come on the matter, the jury is still out.

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