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Tragedy Strikes: Investigation Launched After Elderly Woman’s Fatal Lift Mishap in Noida’s Paras Tierea Society

A heartbreaking incident unfolded at Noida’s Paras Tierea housing society, claiming the life of a 73-year-old woman due to a lift malfunction. The Gautam Budh Nagar police have taken swift action, booking eight individuals, including four apartment owners’ association (AOA) representatives, in connection with the tragedy.

Fatal Lift Mishap: Grim Turn of Events

On Thursday, 73-year-old Sushila Devi entered a lift in Tower 24, intending to travel from her eighth-floor residence to the second floor. Tragically, the lift malfunctioned, leading to a fatal fall that claimed her life. Her son, Devesh Kumar, submitted a complaint detailing the sequence of events that led to this heart-wrenching outcome.

Immediate Outcry: Calls for Accountability

The incident prompted swift action from the community. Concerned residents wrote to Lokesh M, CEO of the Noida authority, urging immediate intervention. Their plea sought the appointment of an official to oversee society affairs, conduct safety audits, and dissolve the Paras Tierea AOA.

Lokesh M acknowledged residents’ concerns, directing his staff to investigate lift maintenance and the AOA’s role.

Investigation Underway: Allegations of Negligence

Based on Kumar’s complaint, an FIR was filed, naming officials from the maintenance agency, AOA members, and the lift manufacturing company. Charges include sections 304A (death due to negligence) and 287 (negligent conduct with machinery).

Rajeev Dixit, additional deputy commissioner of police, Central Noida, confirmed ongoing investigations, with no arrests made. An awaited autopsy report will shed light on the extent of injuries sustained.

Community Demands Accountability

The tragedy sparked concerns among high-rise residents, highlighting the need for stronger lift regulations. Rajiva Singh, NOFAA president, stressed robust measures to prevent future incidents.

Amid the investigation, grief-stricken residents demand transparency, accountability, and heightened safety measures in residential complexes.

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