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Trump posts mugshot on X, Elon reacts

Elon Musk is a permanent fixture of our times, for his outrageous antics that he posts daily, although it is clear that the man has a sense of humor no matter how perverse or weird it may be( especially when you look at his son’s name) which substantiates my claim. Although it has become very normal to act in an especially unconventional manner if you belong to the rarefied club of being a billionaire where what is normal can vary greatly, as seen from the perspective of ordinary men, as the trend has been noticed, from Howard Hughes to Elon Musk.

Trump himself belongs to the club although if not unconventional, he certainly acts in the bombastic, uncompromising way that his predecessor Robert Maxwell, the British newspaper baron did. Don’t get me wrong here, I do not have anything against all these enfant terrible personalities, I have been one myself and it is both amusing and exhilarating to be classified as so, how you handle your image is the number one rule of PR, like they say before you go on rectifying the images of others.

In a prophetic interaction, the two billionaires that have been mentioned here had quite an interaction on X, formerly Twitter. Trump who has become the first president to have been openly arrested and then have his mugshot taken, a dubious achievement by all means and then he gave quite a rant as to how he has been wrongfully arrested for no crime at all and all the other jargon his supporters have readily devoured, Elon replied- “Next Level”

Elon Musk
Source- Bloomberg

That should sum up quite a lot for both men who I believe suffer from chronic egotism, most of it quite misplaced but it is still an entertaining existence with satire from the likes of Fran Leibovitz and others.

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