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“TS Singhdev’s Bold Statement: Everyone aspires to be CM, the 2.5-Year Quest Continues!”

Chhattisgarh Health Minister TS Singhdev has made a statement that has sparked discussions and raised concerns. Singhdev, who is also a senior minister in Chhattisgarh has expressed his uncertainty about when he will become the Chief Minister. He also said that the media already considering him the CM.

Singhdev’s Uncertainty About Becoming CM

When asked about the possibility of becoming the Chief Minister, Singhdev said he himself does not know when he will become the CM. He acknowledged that he would like to be the CM. But the decision ultimately rests with the high command of the party.

According to his statement he says that four candidates were chosen and Bhupesh Baghel got the position. He also mentioned that, its been two years and he had to resolve his candidacy.

Joking About His Political Journey

Singhdev also joked about his unexpected journey in politics, stating that he had never thought of joining politics but ended up becoming an MLA and even the Leader of the Opposition.

Spill of Frustration About CM Position

When talking to daily wage workers on a mobile call. He mentioned that he himself doesn’t have any authorities and can only take their complains and concerns to the chief minister. Singhdev’s frustration Vlearly resulted in his call. The daily wage workers had come to protest and make demands outside Singhdev’s residence.

Discussion on Singhdev’s Statement

Singhdev’s statement has sparked discussions and speculations about the internal dynamics and power struggles within the party. Some see his statement as a sign of displeasure and frustration with not being considered for the position of CM, while others interpret it as a casual remark made in jest.

Chhattisgarh Health Minister TS Singhdev’s recent statement about his uncertainty about when he will become the Chief Minister has raised questions and sparked discussions. His comments on his unexpected journey in politics and his recent spill of frustration have added to the speculations about the internal dynamics of the party. The discussions and interpretations of Singhdev’s statement continue to raise concerns about the future leadership of Chhattisgarh.

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