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Udhayanidhi Stalin Leads Hunger Strike Against NEET in Tamil Nadu

On August 20, Udhayanidhi Stalin, leader of DMK’s youth wing and Tamil Nadu’s youth welfare and sports minister, will lead a hunger strike against NEET. He expressed support for students’ call to abolish the exam, which tragically linked to 20 young deaths over five to six years, highlighting shared moral responsibility.

This statewide hunger strike strongly demands NEET’s elimination and protests Governor R N Ravi’s pro-NEET stance and the Union government’s inaction. Despite tragic student suicides due to NEET, DMK rebukes the Central government’s perceived autocracy.

The hunger strike responds to Ravi’s claim of exceeding jurisdiction, drawing criticism. Udhayanidhi previously voiced NEET’s psychological toll on Tamil Nadu students and blamed Governor Ravi’s inaction despite Assembly discussions. Dismay followed Ravi’s refusal to endorse Tamil Nadu’s NEET exemption bill. CM M K Stalin urged President Droupadi Murmu’s speedy approval.

Udhayanidhi leads the strike in Chennai, assisted by C V M P Ezhilarasan and Ezhilan Naganathan, aiming for statewide support to repeal NEET and safeguard students’ education rights. CM M K Stalin proposes shifting education to the state list to counter NEET. Suicides of S Jegadeeswaran and his father due to NEET stress amplify the call. DMK’s strike aligns with AIADMK’s assembly, intensifying anti-NEET momentum.

AIADMK criticizes DMK for not fulfilling NEET cancellation promises despite parliamentary strength, highlighting NEET’s severe impact on Tamil Nadu’s education landscape.

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