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Udhayanidhi Stalin Commented on Sanatan Dharma Sparks Controversy

Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of chief minister M.K. Stalin, ignited a big political issue in Tamil Nadu when he made some statements regarding the “Sanatan dharma,” equating it to diseases like malaria and dengue.

Udhayanidhi Stalin rejects the Sanatan dharma. But also “eradicated” from the nation since it is “against social justice and equality.” This statement set off a huge commotion in Tamil Nadu and southern politics.

Udhayanidhi, MK Stalin’s son, told ANI, “We should only remove those few things that cannot be challenged.” We are unable to combat dengue, mosquitoes, malaria, or corona. We must eliminate this. That is the only way to destroy Sanatana.

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The politician thanked the conference organisers for allowing him to deliver a unique message. I respect your decision to stick with “Sanatana Abolition Conference” as the conference’s name rather than “Anti-Sanatana Conference.”

A number of right-wing organisations as well as the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) quickly expressed their indignation at the words. Udhayanidhi clarified that he never called for the extermination of those who practised Sanatan Dharma. But added that he stood by what he stated.

“Sanatan Dharma is an ideology that divides people according to their caste and religious allegiances.  Sanatan Dharma must be eradicated in order to protect equality and humanity. I absolutely stand by what I’ve said. The DMK leader wrote on X, “I spoke on behalf of the marginalised and underprivileged who suffer as a result of the Sanatan Dharma.

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In response to Amit Malviya’s tweet from the head of the BJP’s information technology unit, Udhayanidhi stated, “I am ready to face any challenges that come my way, whether in a court of law or the people’s court. Stop disseminating phoney news.

The DMK leader remained steadfast in his remarks on the Sanatan dharma and stated, “Bring it on” to any legal challenges made in relation to his declaration. In his tweet, Stalin said, “I will say it today, tomorrow, and forever: Our resolve to stop Sanathana Dharma from the Dravidian land would not reduce even a little bit.”

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