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USA to grant 200 million dollars as aid for security to Ukraine

In what has become a new twist in the repetitive, now even boring Russia exercising it’s megalomaniacal tendencies on what is currently Ukraine, the United States of America has granted Ukraine an aid of 200 million dollars, which will include facilities like munitions, artillery rounds, mine clearing equipments etc, facilitated by by the defense secretary Antony Blinken, who has played the role of peacemaker consistently since being elected to the same.

Russia has been consistent as well in the egotistical way it has been dragging this war for no particular reason at all, even its army now appears indifferent to this embarrassing charade but that is what happens when you have a Mephistophelean zealot for a President that has already been trained in the hard edged KGB and does not have any brakes when he embarks on a venture in the determined, much known Rahuvian way of astrology, which does occupy the career house in his chart, confirming the aforementioned suspicions.

USA has kept itself in the famous detached diplomatic way like it always does, it will extend all help but mostly from a distance, although efforts like these are doing well to embellish that image in a positive light. It is something more governments should take up as well instead of treating politics like a jungle where only predatory tactics are the norm

This move comes on the heels of the US giving 1.3 billion dollars previously and the NASSAM technology that has been proved effective in intercepting Russian attacks which are often unprovoked and malicious in intent. The US has shown itself as a good ally and since it occupies a lofty status in the world hierarchy, it proves to be a good example for other countries as well.

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