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Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: Hope Renewed as Operations Resume

In the heart of the Uttarkashi mountains, where the Silkyara tunnel collapse has gripped 41 workers in a perilous situation, the air is tense but charged with determination. After a temporary setback, the relentless efforts to free the trapped souls resumed on Friday morning.

A renewed sense of urgency fills the rescue site as Bhaskar Khulbe, former PM Office advisor, reveals plans to resume auger digging through the debris by 11:30 a.m. The mission to successfully extract the 41 workers before nightfall. No corporate jargon, just a commitment to action.

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Using ropes and low, wheeled stretchers, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) demonstrated the method to liberate the confined workers. This emotional ordeal has united efforts to navigate a treacherous horizontal chute and bring them to safety.

Ground-penetrating radar data reveals a glimmer of hope—no metallic barrier up to five metres past the 46-metre mark through the rubble. a lifeline for those trapped in the darkness, where every metre counts.

The intricate rescue plan involves creating an escape route with steel, concrete, and culvert blocks, along with concrete and hume pipes spanning 67 meters. A 25-tonne platform, reinforced with an accelerating compound, supports the Heavy American Auger machine. The mission is straightforward—dig through the wreckage and bring them home.

But challenges loom. Horizontal drilling faced a pause due to cracks in the platform during the initial rescue efforts. The team, resilient and undeterred, reinforces the platform, ensuring the auger-operated pipe-pushing operations can continue without compromise.

The tunnel collapsed on November 12 trapped 41 labourers within the 60-metre section on the Silkyara side. Yet, a glimmer of reassurance resides in the 2 km of constructed area, designed to safeguard the workers. Concrete structures embrace them, and the 9th pipe, pushed at 1:10 a.m. on Friday, marks progress amid unforeseen tremors.

In this saga of resilience, the rescue crew navigates challenges with a human touch. No fancy jargon, just the unwavering commitment to bringing the 41 souls back into the light.

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