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75th Republic day celebrations ; Know state’s Tableau

Uttar Pradesh

Viksit Bharat-Samradh Virasat’ is the basis for the tableau’s concept. The front of the stage represents Ram Lalla’s Pranpratishtha ritual by displaying his Childhood form.

Chhattisgarh :

In the 75th Republic Day parade held here on Friday, a tableau from Chhattisgarh highlighted the 600-year-old tribal custom of collective decision-making in the state’s Bastar area. It told the tale of the beginnings and development of democracy in India and highlighted the democratic awareness and traditional democratic principles that have long existed in tribal groups. The tableau showed “Muria Darbar,” the traditional tribal form of parliament in Bastar. Over 600 years ago, the “Muria Darbar” tradition played a significant role in the renowned “Bastar Dussehra”.

Tamil Nadu tableau;

The Republic Day procession on the Kartavya Path on Friday featured a tableau from Tamil Nadu that emphasised the historical significance of the Kudavolai election system. This system originated during the Chola dynasty in the 10th century and was a significant step towards democracy. It was used to elect village officials and communicate the people’s wishes as a whole to the empire. The Uthiramerur inscriptions in the Kanchipuram district provide historical proof of this technique. A sculpture that depicted the selecting process was located in the tractor part of the tableau. Voters would queue from a certain ward to drop their ballots into a pot.

Arunachal Pradesh :

The Singchung Bugun Village Community Reserve is shown in this tableau, which is one of the state’s hotspots for biodiversity.

Madhya Pradesh ;

The Republic Day parade tableau in Madhya Pradesh emphasised the importance of independent and forward-thinking women in the state. The exhibit demonstrated how well welfare programmes have integrated women into development by showing their experiences in self-help organisations, local leadership roles, and even the aviation industry. In order to highlight the state’s cultural and economic diversity, the tableau included women painters, weavers, and craftspeople in addition to Avani Chaturvedi, the first female fighter pilot. In the lower part were a mural painted by Padma Shri recipient Durga Bai and a stone carving created by a female artisan. The back section included paintings honouring women, inspired by millet, and featured Millet Mission ambassador Lahari Bai.

Haryana :

This year’s tableau is themed around the Haryana government’s “Mera Parivar-Meri Pehchan” programme. The tableau was created as a customary representation of Haryanvi women’s empowerment.


Manipur’s Republic Day tableau featured the famous 500-year-old Ima Keithel, a market that is solely operated by women. Under the subject “Thambal Gi langla – Lotus Threads,” ladies were seen using ancient spinning wheels to create yarn and extract exquisite lotus fibre. A reproduction of the Ima Keithel structure was situated at the back of the float, which showed a lady weaving clothing on a traditional Manipuri loom known as a ‘Eyong’. As a symbol of “Nari Shakti” (women’s power), the Ima Keithel encourages creativity and business, bringing to the globe items like Moirang Phi, Leirum, and Mayek-Naibi. The tableau included Kumari Bijiyasanti Tongbram, the first lotus silk manufacturer in India, who won the title of “Changemaker of the Northeast 2020” in addition to employing women from the area and exporting lotus silk all over the world.

At the Kartavya Path, the BSF Camel Contingent’s Republic Day Parade is headed by Deputy Commandant MS Kheechee.

Stay tune for other states!

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