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The CEO of a Bengaluru-based AI startup, Suchana Seth, messaged her husband before killing her kid.

According to reports, the bloodstains that aroused the hotel personnel were left by Suchana Seth, who reportedly murdered her son.

Suchana Seth, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based AI business, had been accused of suffocating her 4-year-old son in an apartment in Goa.

A knife, a towel, and a pillow – these innocuous objects might help police solve an interesting murder case in which a woman, the CEO of a Bengaluru firm, is suspected of killing her kid. Cops confiscated the three things from the service flat where she resided in Goa. Suchana Seth moved into a residence in Candolim on 6 January and remained till 8 January. She reportedly murdered her kid in the flat and packed his corpse in a suitcase before transferring it to nearby Karnataka in a cab on Monday, according to police.

When the flat crew cleaned the room, they discovered bloodstains on a towel. The workers quickly called the police, stating that she was carrying an abnormally large suitcase and that her son had vanished. The four-year-old kid was suffocated to death with a piece of fabric or a pillow, according to the post-mortem report. The suspect may have attempted suicide by slicing her wrist and then using the towel to cease the bleeding, authorities said previously.

Suchana Seth

When authorities asked Ms Seth, who was in the taxi in Bengaluru at the time, to clarify why there were blood stains, she replied they were caused by her monthly periods.

She said that he was at a friend’s house and even provided the officials a fictitious location. To avoid suspicion from Ms Seth, the officers talked to the taxi driver in Konkani and instructed him to take the car to the closest police station.

That’s how the 39-year-old was found with the red bag she used to transport his son’s remains. She was caught in Chitradurga, Karnataka, on Monday night and transported to Goa on Tuesday.

“The items that were recovered list from the scene of the crime include a knife, an unusual red bag, a towel, and a pillow,” according to the law enforcement agency.

The police, who have yet to determine the motivation behind the murder, brought Ms Seth for a regular examination today. According to police sources, she also had a psychiatric assessment. In fact, sources say Ms Seth, who is in police detention until next week, has remained “non-cooperative” thus far.

During the interview, the lady denied having any part in the crime and said the infant had died before she awoke.

Investigators are looking into Suchana Seth’s Call Detail Records (CDR) to learn about her connections and talks in the three days leading up to the event, and to identify any potential accomplices, according to sources. The cab she used is still in the police’s possession.

Ms Seth has apparently informed investigators about her unhappy marriage, and according to reports, she purportedly murdered her kid during a custody struggle with her divorced husband.

According to the divorce records, Ms Seth filed a domestic assault lawsuit against her former spouse Venkat Raman in August 2022. She claimed him of physically assaulting her and her children, which Venkat Raman disputed in court.

Venkat Raman arrived in Hiriyur, Chitradurga district, late Tuesday night, and took custody of his son’s body following the post-mortem. According to a senior official, the Goa cops were going to bring Suchana Seth to the service flat where she lived to recreate the murder scene later today.

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