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Baghdad’s LED Screens Shut Down After Explicit Hack

The busy capital of Iraq, Baghdad, saw an unexpected turn when the government ordered that all LED billboards be turned off. This choice was made in response to a bold hack in which a pornographic movie was shown on one of the screens, prompting the rapid arrest of the culprit.

At Uqba bin Nafia Square, a significant city junction, the hacker specifically targeted an advertisement screen. Pedestrians and drivers were surprised by the obscene content, but the issue was quickly put to an end by severing the power cord. Videos of the incident quickly spread on social media, generating a commotion in the neighborhood.

All Baghdad advertising screens were briefly turned off in response. This quick reaction underscores strong cybersecurity’s importance against such attacks. The hack also illuminates Iraq’s broader digital struggles. Efforts to restrict porn sites in 2022 were mixed. It showcases online management challenges in a connected world.

Iraq targeted social media influencers, especially on YouTube and TikTok, for content conflicting with values. Detentions sparked debates on expression and norms. The incident reminds of cybersecurity’s impact on daily life and stability. It connects technology and society, urging reflection on online complexities and evolving accountability.

In conclusion, the breach and LED screen shutdown spotlight tech, norms, and cybersecurity fusion. Lessons from this shape Iraq’s digital path ahead.

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