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Earth’s Hottest Northern Hemisphere Summer Continues with Scorching August

The recent findings from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the European climate agency Copernicus are deeply concerning. This summer marked the hottest Northern Hemisphere summer ever recorded, with August 2023 breaking records as the hottest August and the second-warmest month overall. The continuous rise in temperatures is largely attributed to human-induced climate change, driven by the burning of fossil fuels, alongside the influence of a natural El Niño event that began earlier this year.

Climate scientist Andrew Weaver’s voice echoes the frustration of many as he criticizes the inadequate response to global warming by governments worldwide. He worries that people may become complacent about the issue once temperatures cool down. Weaver emphasizes the urgent need for world leaders to recognize the gravity of the situation, stating that preventing a catastrophic 3.0°C global warming is now a top priority.

The records maintained by Copernicus, dating back to 1940, corroborate the recent extreme temperatures. However, historical temperature records in the UK and the US go back even further, to the mid-1800s. These established organizations are expected to further confirm this summer’s record-breaking temperatures. Meanwhile, daily September temperatures continue to set new records, according to the Climate Reanalyzer at the University of Maine. Antarctica is also experiencing record-low levels of sea ice, while both Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are consistently breaking heat records, highlighting the urgent need for climate action.

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