Enraged Sridevi speaks her mind

YCP leader and former MLA Undavalli Sridevi on Sunday spoke about her alleged ‘unlawful’ suspension as an MLA.

Sridevi was among four MLAs suspended from YSRCP on March 24 for allegedly voting for Telugu Desam Party (TDP) candidate in Legislative Council elections from MLA quota. She was under suspicion for taking a bribe of Rs.15 cr for the cross voting. Rebuffing the claims, Sridevi said that it deeply pained her that her own party leaders had plotted against her and that she had taken no money from any party whatsoever.

Do they have any proof? Am I a call girl type woman? What nonsense are they talking,” asked an enraged Sridevi.

The former MLA went on to even state that some leaders had been trying to remove her from the party ever since she joined. She also alleged that the YCP was discriminating and attacking dalits.

Continuing her heavy barrage of accusations, the leader from Tadikonda said that she had been a witness of the handling of the mafia being led by the ruling party.

She accused that the party was involved in many illegal activities. “It is the Chief Minister is good man with ethics and values. Unfortunately, the people around him are ‘slow poisoning’ him and polluting his mind.” She added.

She defended herself against the allegations and let the media know that she had a better income when she practiced medicine than being an MLA. She doesn’t need to starve for money like other politicians. “Undavalli Sridevi is self-sufficient and doesn’t need the party tickets,” she stated.

Sridevi announced that though she has no intention of joining any other party, she would stand by the farmers of Amaravati, who have been fighting with the government’s plan over the trifurcation of the State Capital, as an Independent MLA.