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Massive fire in Aquarium in Thiruvananthapuram

At the storage of an aquarium center in Thiruvananthapuram near the DPI junction, a massive fire took place. According to the authorities who reached the scene of the accident as soon as they could, the fire started around 3 pm and the dark smoke of this huge fire alarmed everyone who was living near that area. The massive fire at Thiruvananthapuram took place at a two-story building of the storage center where various animals as well as fish were given a home.

The people from the residency were quick to attend to the fire and called the Fire department and the Rescue teams as soon as they got to know about the danger. The firemen arrived at the scene of the fire immediately but they had a problem in front of them. The aquarium was situated on a narrow lane and it was difficult for them to reach the spot with all their equipment. They tried to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible but it had already reached three of the nearby apartments. Luckily, there were no casualties and nobody was injured as such. Everyone from the building was safely evacuated.

Soon three more fire units had arrived and they were trying to put out the fire. Not only that, but even the locals were of great help as they provided the fire departments with buckets of water to help suppress the fire. Finally, the Rescue team and the Fire department were able to put out the fire and make sure that everyone was safe and sound. After further investigation, it was discovered that the first and the second floor of the aquarium building were completed damaged and burnt to a crisp.

Nothing has been stated about the pets and fish kept in the shop, but as far as reports go, nobody was hurt due to the fire. However, the cause of the fire has still not been confirmed. However, the massive fire at the aquarium definitely shocked everyone in Thiruvananthapuram. Read more of the top headlines at STMN News.

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Massive fire breaks out at an aquarium at Thiruvananthapuram

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