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Mediterranean Storm Daniel Devastates Eastern Libya, Leaving Thousands Missing and Cities in Ruins

Multiple coastal towns in eastern Libya have been devastated by the disastrous Mediterranean storm Daniel. It has also left thousands of people missing and the death toll is climbing. The accident has sparked a humanitarian crisis in the area. It is made worse by the country’s deteriorating infrastructure and ongoing political unrest.

Two dams upstream from the city of Derna collapsed as a result of the storm’s severe rainfall and upstream flooding. It was delivered over the weekend. Because of this, there was a deadly flash flood. Health officials have reported 61 deaths as of late Monday, but this number is anticipated to grow sharply as long as access to Derna is limited.

A spokesman for the country’s armed forces based in the east, Ahmed al-Mosmari, supplied even grimmer figures, indicating that Derna had seen more than 2,000 fatalities and that 5,000–6,000 people were reported missing. The devastating flash flood that quickly overwhelmed the city.

Derna itself has a history of unrest; it was previously governed by extremist organizations, including those connected to the Islamic State until they were driven out in 2018 by forces loyal to the government stationed in the east. The city is especially vulnerable to the destruction brought on by Storm Daniel due to its unstable infrastructure and historical conflicts.

Tragically, there have been failures in the humanitarian response. Three of the Libyan Red Crescent’s employees who were providing assistance to families in Derna were reported dead, while one employee is still missing. There are concerns that several additional aid workers who are missing by dozens may have died in the floodwaters.

The situation is critical in Derna. The city is experiencing a catastrophic loss of communication and electricity. More than 5,000 people may be missing in Derna. It was stated by Essam Abu Zeriba, the interior minister of the east Libyan government. Many of these individuals may have been carried away by the floodwaters and into the Mediterranean.

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