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Mongolia welcomes Pope Francis for his visit

Pope Francis will visit the landlocked country of Mongolia during his Apostolic Journey.

Pope Francis paid a highly anticipated visit to the Catholic community in Mongolia. Buddhism is the predominant faith, with a small community of around 1,450 Catholics. Pope Francis wishes to be a facilitator between Mongolia and China during this visit.

(Image Source: Vatican Media)

The Pope’s policy is to visit countries where Catholics are a minority. He wishes to draw more attention to their problems and conditions. He states that minorities are peripheral to contemporary society. Thus, he has not visited any major capital cities in Western Europe.

According to a statement given to journalists, Pope Francis is visiting Mongolia to meet with a small population from a culturally rich country. He says one should experience the country with his senses rather than his mind.

Although the pontiff’s health has declined recently, he seems well and in good spirits. He walks with the assistance of a cane and occasionally uses a wheelchair. 

According to custom, when the Papal flight is flying over foreign nations, it is customary to greet the heads of state. The greetings are general blessings for the country and its citizens. However, the greetings had to be strict due to tense relations between the Vatican and Beijing. 

Issues within Mongolia

Mongolia was a part of China until 1921. The region had close ties with Beijing. Diplomats state that the country is an intermediary to China. Regarding the leader’s visit, it is unclear whether Catholics from Mainland China will visit Mongolia. 

Pope Francis will address the issues of climate change and pollution in Mongolia. The country has experienced an annual increase in temperature since 1940. The lack of seasonal rainfall has led to desertification and droughts in the regions. Approximately 200 small lakes have dried out since 1980. 

Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is the most heavily polluted city worldwide. The cause of pollution is coal burning.

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