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Myanmar receives first shipment of Russian SU-30 fighter jets

Myanmar received its first shipment of Su-30 fighter jets

Charlie Than, Myanmar’s trade minister, states that they received the first Russian Su-30 fighter jet shipment. The Russian RIA, a state news agency, also released statements on the same matter.

(Image Source: JP/Andi Hajramurni)

Than says that two jets have been received at the Eastern Economic Forum. The forum represents Russia’s efforts to develop economic cooperation in the region. It will begin on Sunday at the port of Vladivostok. It will also help encourage foreign investment. 

The RIA states that Myanmar and Russia signed an agreement in September 2022. The deal was to purchase six Su-30 SME fighter jets. 

Rosoboronexport claims that the Sukhoi Su-30SME fighter jets are designed for enemy aerial engagement, reconnaissance, combat employment, and pilot training. Rosoboronexport is also a state-controlled arms exporter. 

He told the Russian TASS agency that further bilateral agreements would be signed between the two countries. One of the agreements will focus on tourism between the two countries. 

Myanmar and Russia’s relations

The Russian defense minister and top diplomat have visited Myanmar several times since 2021. Junta Chief Min Aung Hlaing also visited Russia several times. He has received an honorary doctorate. 

Hlaing visited Russia as leader for the first time in June. Both countries were committed to strengthening their military ties. He later visited the country on a private visit. 

Min Aung Hlaing cannot represent Myanmar at international gatherings. He took over the country in a successful coup from Noble Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Russia was Myanmar’s top supporter following the coup. Myanmar faced international condemnation due to the excessive force used against opponents. 

Russia provided Myanmar with COVID-19 vaccines. Myanmar is looking forward to importing Russian gasoline and fuel. It is an opportunity for Russia since it has faced international opposition to its invasion of Ukraine. 

The United States is against Russia backing Myanmar. They believe providing arms to a nation suffering from internal conflict will lead to disaster.

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