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New Covid Variant in India, Cases Rise in Maharashtra

The Covid 19 pandemic isn’t just remembered as one, it is now a way to define history, an era that bifurcates what came before it and after it, like the Before Christ and Anno Domini terminology, that is the significance it has acquired. No doubt, it will stay in the air, both physically and metaphorically speaking. The author of this article was 19 when it started and 22 by the time it ended, just like others of his generation, who were taught valuable lessons the hard way. He can safely say, this is not the lost generation, the ones that went through the great wars, instead it is the active generation, it needs something to be constantly stimulated and at the same time, it craves for peace.

It is not uncommon for viruses to mutate. Simply explaining a virus comes up, it infects people, then people treat it with medicines, then some molecules survive and they are immune to the treatments and then they come up with a new version immune to the medication, which is known as mutation in scientific terminology. Owing to this common process, a new variant has been detected in the UK, known as EG. 5.1( Eris colloquially speaking)and as far as speculations go, it has been in India for months with cases rising in the Maharashtra side especially. Although hospitalisations have been reported and some infections as well, they were of not a cataclysmic nature and hence there has been no need to panic

At present, there are other sub strains as well, which are being put under the microscope( pun intended) and it has been found that this strain isn’t dominating at the moment, but it is a little early to say as to how much damage it can cause, for underestimating these things is not a prudent thing. 

It is like most things in nature, subject to interpretations, most of them being positive at the moment and like always, good hopes are in order.

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