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Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Vows to Support Trump and Pardon if Elected in 2024

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, declared on Sunday that he anticipates becoming his party’s nominee in the November 2024 US elections. However, he stated that he would support Donald Trump if Trump secures the nomination.

During a Sunday talk show, the 38-year-old Indian American entrepreneur announced his intention to grant Donald Trump a pardon if Trump were to win the presidency and face legal issues.

Yes, I will support Donald Trump if he is the nominee. Furthermore, I will pardon him if I become president because it will contribute to national unity. However, it’s not the most crucial thing I’ll accomplish as the next president. According to Ramaswamy, it is essential for progress in this nation.

Ramaswamy, a businessman-turned-politician, has gained prominence since his strong showing in the first Republican primary presidential debate last month. He is running against fellow Indian American candidate Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina.

Ramaswamy is the only Republican presidential candidate openly supporting Trump. Trump is currently out on bail despite facing charges for various offenses. Additionally, Ramaswamy backs Trump’s ‘America First’ policies, which include positions on topics like climate change.

In the end, I’ll vote for whoever I believe will be able to advance this nation the most. That is not Joe Biden, in my opinion. He declared, I don’t think that is whatever other puppet they roll out after Joe Biden. He emphasized that this applies whether it’s Kamala Harris or anyone else.

Ramaswamy stated that despite disagreements with many Republican colleagues on various topics, he firmly believes that any of them would be more successful than Biden or Harris in guiding the US in the right direction.

“That is my arbitrator when I cast my vote for who the next president is — who’s going to serve the interests of the American people? That’s not some sort of commitment driven by vengeance or grievance. It is driven by a commitment to our purpose as citizens of this country. That’s what we need to revive in the United States, our civic spirit, remembering that even the ‘America First’ movement is bigger than Donald Trump. It is bigger than me. It is bigger than one political candidate,” he declared.

Ramaswamy emphasized, “I stand by that without apology.” He asserted that the “America First” movement belongs to the American people, who hold the power to choose their next president. His objective is to protect this system, rather than seeing it replaced by a federal police state determining the nation’s leadership.

He explained his motivation for running for the US presidency, expressing his desire to secure the Republican nomination and lead the nation in the right direction.

The Indian-American contender strongly believed that politically motivated accusations were behind many charges against Trump. He argued that these accusations set a harmful precedent for the United States.

I don’t want us to become a police state that employs administrative force to eliminate competitors, resembling a banana republic He asserted that’s not how it operates.

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