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A massive fire took place in Brahamapuran

Massive fire took place in Brahamapuram. The residents of Kochi are talking about the impact of the fire on their health. Even the schools have been shut down for some time. The toxic fumes of the huge fire are taking a toll on the people living in that area. Not only this, but the whole city of Kerala has been suffering because of the bad air quality of the city. Even though the fire was put out effectively and immediately with the help of the Indian Navy and Air Force, the fumes of the chemicals have spread throughout the city.

Steps taken by Local Administration

The local administration has advised everyone to stay indoors for some time and use N-95 masks to protect themselves from the fumes. The locals of Kerala have raised complaints of breathing difficulties as well as dry eyes. Local authorities have also announced that all schools will stay shut till Friday for the safety and well-being of children. The local administration has also assigned many fire departments to the site. The fire units are also helping by dumping water on the piles of garbage to contain and minimize the toxic chemical fumes. All the fire departments are working bravely to control the situation. However, this is a difficult task as the dump yard is spread across 110 acres (about half the total floor space of the Pentagon)

This massive fie took place in Brahamapuran in Kochi on 2nd March 2023. According to the officials, this type of fire usually takes place once a year due to the extreme heat conditions. However, this time the effect of the fire was way worse. It not only affected Kochi but also its neighboring areas. The fire has affected the residents of the area the most. Many people have reported extreme cough, dry eyes and irritation. The local administration is moving quickly to help solve the problem and reduce the toxic fumes of the fire. For more such updates and important headlines subscribe to STMN News. Rising cases of Adenovirus in West Bengal

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