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Afghani Earthquake jolts Delhi

 A massive earthquake of 6.8 magnitude, originating from Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush Mountains, sent tremors across the continent, shaking national capital Delhi. 

The earthquake sent massive waves of panic across the Delhi – NCR region. Videos of people rushing out of their homes into open grounds have gone viral. The earthquake was also felt in the Kashmir valley. This is not the first time that such tremors have been felt in the Delhi – NCR region. 

The National Centre of Seismology stated that this earthquake of 2.7 magnitude started from West Delhi. The earthquake hit at 10.20 pm and neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan also felt its effects. A resident stated that the fans and lights started shaking. They felt as if the ceiling would fall down. “It was the first time Delhi was facing such extreme tremors,” he added. 

“ Fire service teams were deployed in areas like Kalkaji and Jamia Nagar after the residents called the Emergency services about tilting buildings and cracks.” a source from the Fire Services stated. The Disaster Management Team and the Fire Services were quick on their feet and fortunately there was a minimum loss of life.

“People of Northwest Delhi felt the tremors for a longer time because the ‘depth of the fault’ was more than 100 kms,” stated a senior Seismologist. Being the fourth highest seismic zone of India, Delhi is very prone to earthquakes. According to statistics, Delhi has experienced over 25 – 30 earthquakes over the last 100 years, all with little or no significant damage. “The citizens of Delhi have gotten used to such incidents and know the basic precautionary measure to save themselves,” on official stated.

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